Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, Set, Go!

Wildfire Action PlanREADY, SET GO!

This award-winning, national program helps community members be Ready with preparedness understanding, be Set with situational awareness when fire threatens, and to Go, acting early when a fire starts.

Wildfires are now a year-round reality in Ventura County. This means that both firefighters and residents have to be on heightened alert for the threat of wildfire at all times.

Firefighters train hard and make countless preparations to be ready for a wildfire. Residents need to do the same. Successfully preparing for a wildfire requires you to take personal responsibility for protecting yourself, your family and your property.

» Wildfire Action Plan

Wildfire Action Plan (Espanol)¡EN SUS MARCAS, LISTOS, FUERA!

El Departamento de Bomberos del Condado de Ventura toma todas las precauciones para proteger a usted y su propiedad de los incendios forestales. Pero es una realidad que, durante un gran incendio, no habrá suficientes camiones de bomberos ni personal para defender a cada casa, entonces usted tiene que ser parte de la solución.

Si su casa o negocio está ubicado en el borde de tierras silvestres, lo que los bomberos llaman la Intersección Urbana con Tierras Silvestres, su propiedad está en riesgo de quemarse por un incendio forestal. Y, si usted vive dentro de una milla de una zona de tierras silvestres, usted trabaja o reside en la Zona de Brasas. Las casas que se encuentran en la Zona de Brasas están en riesgo de quemarse por las brasas de los incendios impulsadas por los vientos.

» Wildfire Action Plan (en espanol) Updated May 2013


The Ready, Set, Go! Flood guide provides a preparation plan for wet weather, including how to obtain and use sandbags, and where to sign-up for emergency alert notifications.

To learn more about flood risks or insurance rates, visit

During heavy rainfall, monitor the news, websites and social media sites for updated weather conditions. The phrasing meteorologists use is important; a Flood Watch means flooding is possible in your area, Flood Warning means flooding in your area is already occurring or is imminent, and Flash Flood is sudden violent flooding. Flash floods often come up quickly during heavy rain.

VIDEO: Sandbag Basics, click here

Sand and Sandbags

  • Free supplies are available to homeowners in the recent burn areas at local VCFD fire station. Click here for VCFD fire station locations that have sand and sandbags.
  • Please call ahead to your local VCFD fire station at (805) 371-1111 for availability. Residents should be prepared to fill and transport sandbags as fire station personnel may or may not be available to assist due to other emergency activities.
  • Sand and sandbags can also be purchased from local DIY stores


La guía para inundaciones de “¡En sus marcas, listos, fuera!” brinda un plan de preparación para la lluvia, incluyendo cómo obtener y usar sacos de arena, y donde registrarse para recibir alertas de emergencias.

Para aprender más acerca de los riesgos de las inundaciones o las tasas de seguro para inundaciones, visite

Durante fuertes lluvias, manténgase al tanto de las noticias, las páginas web y las redes sociales para las últimas noticias acerca de las condiciones del clima. Las frases que usan los meteorólogos es importante; una Alerta de Inundaciones significa que las inundaciones están inminentes o ya hay inundaciones en la zona donde vive usted. Una inundación repentina significa una inundación violenta que apareció de manera súbita. Las inundaciones repentinas ocurren con frecuencia durante las lluvias fuertes.

VIDEO: Sacos de arena, oprime aquí

SURCUSALES: Durante la temporada de las lluvias, las estaciones de bomberos locales típicamente tienen arena y/o sacos de arena disponibles, con un límite de 10 por cada persona. Para suministros, llame a la estación de bomberos al (805) 377-1111 o visite a un vendedor local.

RSG Farmers, Ranchers and GrowersREADY, SET GO!

You must do all you can to make your home resistant to wildfires and prepare your family to leave early and safely. We call this process, “Ready, Set, Go!”

On this page you’ll find information about the Ember Zone and how to prepare your home or business to resist a wildfire. We’ll show you the importance of having defensible space around your home and the preparations you need to make so you can leave early, evacuating well ahead of the fire.

RSG for Trail UsersREADY, SET GO!

Wildfires, fueled by a build-up of dry vegetation and driven by hot, dry winds, are extremely dangerous and almost impossible to control. Many residents have built their homes and landscaped without fully understanding the impact a fire could have on them. This website will help you prepare your home so you can leave early, confident that you’ve done everything you can reasonably do to protect your home.

It’s not a question of if, but when, the next wildfire will occur. That’s why the most important person protecting your life and property is not a firefighter, but you. With advance planning and preparation, you can dramatically increase your safety and the survivability of your property.

Oil and Gas Ops

The Ventura County Fire Department takes every precaution to help protect you and your property from a wildfire. But the reality is, during a major wildfire, there will simply not be enough fire engines or firefighters to defend every home, so you must become part of the solution.


  • Ready Ventura County – Learn how to prepare for any emergency and stay connected to other disaster partner agencies.
  • VC Emergency During an emergency, receive accurate, timely incident information regarding location, impacts, road closures, evacuations, shelters and more.
  • Disaster Hotline: (805) 465-6650
  • Register for VC Alert– Get alerted about emergencies and important community news. This emergency notification system enables the City or County to provide you with essential information quickly when there is a threat to the health or safety of residents. To receive emergency updates register online, contact VC Alert Hotline at (805) 648-9283.

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